phpBB2 Mod: WhoVotedWhat

The WhoVotedWhat Poll Mod is a modification for phpBB2 (tested 2.0.23) that displays a list of users who voted for a particular option as a select box next to each poll option when viewing results.

Installation is simple and only requires editing 3 files and modifying one database table, in about 5 minutes time.  Remember to back up any files prior to editing, just in case.

NOTE: This mod will NOT display vote results for votes cast prior to the mod being installed.  The data isn’t in the database.

AUTHOR: Alex Doolittle
RELEASE: Dec. 11, 2008
VERSION: 1.0.0

  WhoVotedWhat v1.0.0, phpBB2 (1.6 KiB, 2,366 hits)

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